"Margaret Is such an easy person to talk to and really helped me understand the roadblocks that I had made for myself. She made me realise things I had never thought of before and helped me make a plan going forward on how to work on myself and put myself first more. She is such a friendly person who I would really recommend talking to."
"I had a few coaching sessions with Margaret and I found them very beneficial, she had a very calming effect on me and was able to help me, help myself make decision and plans. She had a great way of talking my issues through and making me look at them with a different perspective and also encouraged me to put my first. With her help I had the courage to make a life changing decision that I always dreamt of doing.” "
"I did a full 6 life coaching sessions with Margaret throughout the summer. I had never done life coaching before and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to my first session. These sessions were incredibly helpful and continue to benefit me everyday. Margaret was a caring, patient and intuitive coach. She is a brilliant listener and allows you to bring any issue to the table without judgement. Her coaching style is highly effective as it encourages self-reflection and allowed me to identity habits or behaviours that were limiting me in my life. We then worked through ways that I could adjust some of these together. I really enjoyed my sessions with Margaret and felt as if a weight had been lifted off after each one. I would highly recommend her life coaching to anyone who is remotely curious about trying it out as she is an excellent coach and the process is safe and relaxed throughout."
"Margaret is really easy to talk to and she made me feel comfortable to open up within the first few minutes of meeting her. She had a lovely way about her that really helped me talk through my issues and find solutions, she challenged me to think through things in new ways which really helped me in my career. I would highly recommend Margaret for coaching session."
"Margaret asked the difficult questions that I knew I needed to be asked but had avoided for years. Within minutes, I felt safe and was able to open up to Margaret. She has a way of making you feel like you could tell her anything and not be judged."
"You’re magic"